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Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. They are usually made from an acrylic base, which is fitted with porcelain artificial teeth. Newer materials include an unbreakable flexible “Valplast” resin, a high impact “Lucitone” acrylic and chrome cobalt ultra strong metal dentures. Having missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and make eating and speaking difficult. It also has a negative impact on your oral health, so it is vital that they be replaced.
What do Dentures look like?

Dentures today look very natural and life-like. They will give your smile a strong, healthy appearance. Teeth give your face structure and losing them can make your face look loose and saggy. Dentures will improve the shape of your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. They also function just like real teeth, giving you the confidence to eat, speak and smile normally again. We always prefer to make dentures look like “teeth” and not dentures.

What does the Treatment involve?

The dentist may need to extract some of your remaining teeth or deal with any gum disease before your dentures can be fitted. If any treatment is required, your mouth will need to heal properly before you can wear permanent dentures. If this is the case, the dentist will give you a temporary set to wear until you are ready for your permanent ones.
How do you take care of them?

Dentures should be brushed after you take them out at night and again before you put them back in the next day. They should be soaked in a glass of cold water when you aren’t wearing them. You could add special denture cleaning tablets to the water to help to remove stains and germs. It is important to remove them every night to give your gums a rest. Your gums should be given the chance to be exposed to your saliva, which helps to keep them healthy. You must remember to brush your gums and the roof of your mouth every morning and evening to keep your mouth healthy. You should also have regular check-ups to ensure your dentures still fit correctly and are in good condition.


Partial dentures may involve metal clips that can be seen when you smile. Because of this some people may choose another option for replacing gaps such as bridges or implants. However, these options can be discussed in full during a consultation.
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