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Fee Guide

Below is a list of our current fee scale. This is an indication of the fees and they may be adjusted to suit relevant treatment as necessary. There are many other treatments available that would require individual quotation.



Initial Consultation £48.00
Emergency Consultation £25.00
Routine Examination £28.00
Hygienist visit £45.00
Scale and polish (one visit):
with Local Anaesthetic (price per session)
Complex Gum Treatment: Four visits
Local Anaesthetic & root planning
X-rays Small x-ray (each):
Full mouth x-ray
White Fillings Single surface:
Two surfaces
Three surfaces
Pin retention
Root Canal Treatment Incisor/Canine:
Premolar (inc. x-rays)
Crown/Bridgework Porcelain Bonded/Cerec:
Empress Ceramic Crown
Metal Post and Core
Ceramic Post and Core
Veneer (per tooth)
Extractions: From £110.00
Surgical Extractions From £300.00
Night Bite Appliance £110.00
Sports Guard £110.00
Ozone Dentistry Adult £40.00
Ozone Dentistry Children £30.00


Full upper AND lower denture from £890 - £1445
Full upper OR lower denture from £550 - £900
Part upper OR lower denture from £390 - £950
Partial Chrome (each) from £900
Addition per tooth £40.00
Soft Lining/Reline £130.00
Hard reline £105.00

Dental Implants

Provision of single dental implant £1500.00
Crown/Bridge per unit £500.00
Where more than one tooth needs replacing it may be possible to provide a bridge. Mini implants are available for patients with an existing denture that is loose. Please ask for further information.

Each case needs a full consultation for professional advice.

Mini Implants

Provision of single mini implant £500.00
Provision of housing £100.00


Each case discussed individually from £270.00 per hour

Tooth Whitening

At home whitening
  • Involves wearing custom made trays for 2-4 weeks.
  • Superb results. 
Cost: £350.00

In Surgery Tooth Whitening

  • In surgery laser whitening. 
  • Instant results.
Cost: £350.00

The Ultimate Tooth Whitening

  • The ultimate in tooth whitening techniques.
  • Home whitening followed by in surgery laser whitening.
  • Excellent results.
  • Our experience shows that this technique gives the best results.

Cost                                        £550.00
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