The Cosmetic Dental Studio

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Most people are not easily able to visualise what their teeth could look like if they had them whitened and straightened. We can now dramatically help this vision become real by doing a ‘Diagnostic wax-up’. We make a master cast of your teeth and use this to make a model of how your teeth could look by employing a variety of cosmetic techniques. It provides an extraordinary 3D image of the option open to you before you commit to any dentistry.


A digital-intra oral camera is used as part of the examination and after treatment to record the changes and to allow you to clearly view what was.. and what has been achieved. The inside of your mouth is difficult to envisage and this allows you to see what we can see.

Digital X-Rays

We have digital x-ray machines in all our surgeries. We also have a digital Pan-oral machine (to take full head x-ray images).

These digital x-rays reduce the radiation emissions by 90% and give us the highest quality digital images for accurate assessment and are stored within your confidential computer record.

Dental Lasers

Our EZLASE diode laser allows us to revolutionise many aspects of dental treatment. We can speed up in-surgery tooth whitening and make it more effective and comfortable. It is used for the most gentle and comfortable surgical procedures. It is an absolutely fantastic instrument for pain relief and helping gum disease and mouth ulcers.


Healozone offers dentistry without the scary bits! There’s absolutely no drilling – decay within teeth can be sterilised and decay under fillings or crowns is eliminated. Decay on gum margins and in baby teeth can also be treated. Amputation of tooth structure is not required.

No injections, no anaesthetics and no pain
guaranteed. All bacteria and other organisms within teeth are totally destroyed and can be redone at a later date without risk, perfect for people with dental phobias.

No fillings, the tooth repairs itself. This revolutionary technology is available now and can also be used as a preventative solution.

We have also found the Healozone equipment incredibly useful in other situations. We use it before we fit crowns or bridges, on sensitive teeth or on teeth with hairline cracks or to disinfect teeth being root filled.
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