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White Fillings

Our practice very rarely uses amalgam fillings as an option to rebuild a tooth, preferring to use of the many mercury free options that are available. We routinely replace fillings that are no longer dentally sound, with the latest, highest quality tooth coloured materials. In fact, many patients ask us to replace their unsightly existing amalgam fillings, even if not necessary, to improve the appearance of their smile. These materials look superb and feel very natural and smooth. Each filling is colour matched to your own teeth producing a filling that blends in with their surrounding teeth.

Root Canal treatment

If a tooth is damaged by either decay or trauma, to the point that the dental pulp is infected, it is sometimes necessary to perform a root canal treatment.

Teeth can survive without their dental pulp and this treatment prevents the permanent loss of the tooth via extraction.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can help our patients in many different situations. The two main types are used for sports or night time use.

If you play contact sports, we can make your sports guard in many different colours and patterns to protect your teeth.

If you grind your teeth at night, a thin, soft, acrylic night bite appliance could help relieve this problem and some of the symptoms associated with the habit.
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