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Cosmetic Dental Makeover

If you lack the confidence to smile then you may be considering a dental makeover. If you have gaps, crooked teeth, staining or any other problem, we can discuss your options in full during a consultation. Whether you want the most beautiful implants, veneers, crowns or bridges for a complete dental makeover, or just a simple cleaning, we can help you to decide the best way to achieve your new smile.

Tooth Whitening

At home bleaching: 

This involves wearing special custom made bleaching trays at night or during the evenings, for a period of 2-4 weeks.

The advantages are that it takes relatively little surgery time and is the least expensive of
the tooth whitening techniques.

It is also easy to top up later if you keep the trays; you can do this as and when you please.

Deep Bleaching:

This is a technique imported from the US. Mr Daly has extensively researched all tooth whitening techniques and this is the only one that guarantees you the whitest teeth possible.

We were the first practices in the UK offering the “Deep Bleaching” technique. It now can be combined with laser whitening to speed up the surgery visits dramatically.

Where other methods may have failed, deep bleaching will be successful.

It is more complex as the procedure is carried out over two surgery visits and incorporates
home bleaching for two weeks.
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